Save The Silver Bullet!

roundimageTighten Up has been based at the Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park for more than five years, the longest run we’ve had in one venue. We’ve had too many good times to count at the SB and were looking forward to many more. Unfortunately news has just broken that the venue has been sold to the Goodman Restaurant Group who intend to open another of their Burger & Lobster restaurants on the site.

Though it seems the deal may well have already been done, the staff who are keen to buy the lease themselves and continue to run as a music venue and non-profit social centre, are hoping to persuade those involved to reconsider. It’s depressing enough that yet another independent music venue should be lost to be replaced by a corporate chain restaurant but the Silver Bullet has always supported reggae events and for the Tighten Up Crew this time it’s personal!

Please support the Silver Bullet and help to preserve Tighten Up nights in the venue too. Sign the petition here and if you have a few quid to spare please make a donation to their Crowdfunder page.

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